Healing Hymns

A tape i.c.w. TheS lowC lock, 7 theme hymnes and two general hymnes. All for every day use.

Healing Hymns €28, limited edition of 49 excl. €4 shipping
10 stamps MINE-posthoornkerk, €13,31 excl. €1 shipping.
Healing Heptagon the book, a self-Healing book for only € 49,49, excl. €4 shipping
Maria Goeppert-Mayer’s hands, print on perspex size is various, price also
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De Kaarten van Gisèle €16.95 (excl. € 3.00 shipping)
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Het Kunsttarot, € 16.95, (excl. € 7.00 shipping)
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24-paper, limited and numbered edition of 24. In your hands for at least €24, excl. shipping
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Puking Roses for Romance Magazine. Limited and numbered and sealed edition of 28, €50 excl. €4 shipping.
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