Het Kunsttarot De Parasiet, 2015

Collective De Parasiet (consisting of four artists: Pavèl van Houten, Dorien de Wit, Richtje Reinsma and I). together with Museum van Bommel van Dam made Het Kunsttarot (The Art Tarot).

The Kunsttarot is a card game with images of well-known and less well-known works from the collection of Museum van Bommel van Dam. The 55 cards, the displayed artworks and accompanying texts are an instrument for self-reflection and philosophical conversations.

Het Kunsttarot can be used as an instrument to predict the future or as a party game. Het Kunsttarot provides a whole new approach to art, where people are invited to enter into a personal relationship with the artworks depicted.


The Kunsttarot can be purchased for € 19.95 (excl. shipping) in my webshop.
If you would like to travel to Venlo you can get yourself a kunsttarot at the Museum van Bommel van Dam museumshop.

Mister Motley tried Het Kunsttarot, read the report here.