De Kaarten van Gisèle De Parasiet, 2017

Collective De Parasiet (consisting of four artists: Pavèl van Houten, Dorien de Wit, Richtje Reinsma and I), together with Castrum Peregrini- now known as H401-, made Het Kunsttarot – De Kaarten van Gisèle (the Gisèle cards).

This tarot is a playful as well as magical instrument on which the user can rely on at every conceivable moment of doubt. In a traditional tarot, fairy-tale pictures serve as signposts, with this card each card shows an object or detail from the artist’s studio, patron and resistance heroine Gisèle van Waterschoot van der Gracht.

Born in 1912 as the daughter of an Austrian Baroness and a Dutch geologist, Gisèle was a passionate traveler and collector of natural souvenirs that fit exactly in a hand and a pocket. These treasures and details from her studio that she cherishes will inspire you as a tarot player and offer answers to your life questions.

This tarot can be purchased for € 16.95 (excl. shipping) in my webshop or at H401, check the opening times here, or send H401 an email.

Photos & design: Maartje de Goede