24 a work about time, conjunction and control.

24 and 24-paper (the tabloid)
Performance, installation and publication. The parachute, the 24 triangles, the rubber mats full with bullets used in a shooting club all found me.

In this performance I introduced a new time scheme; the moment the parachute found me was a new starting point in time. At the beginning of the performance the parachute was hanging upside down in the installation. At the end of the performance the parachute suddenly rose. The performer was hanging in the parachute –if only the floor was gone-.

The tabloid 24-paper was the the performance’s visual script. Prior to and after the performance the script was part of the installation, enabling people to do the performance themselves. Part of 24 was 24-talk. And a Sunday morning lecture by Jan Dietvorst.

24 people have received a blue triangle. 6 people were asked to each invite 3 people to talk about: control, coincidence and connections. 24 numbers formed the starting point of the conversation.

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