I don’t need to know more, I want to order this book now!

This book series of short stories that touch, scrape and cut each other so often that it sometimes seems like a novel. 

At times it could also have been a collection of poems with pictures.

Some people even dare to call her a mosaic novel.

If you would ask the book, she prefers being called a book.

Here time is not linear and only the horse has a name.

This book mixes visual art, science, spirituality and nature.
Coppens added her language (Dutch, the book is in Dutch!), humor and
other people’s photography to this already rich blend.

The Fibonacci sequence forms the backbone of this book:
it determines the total number of pages and the number of available pages per protagonist.

The main characters are the sum of their predecessor,
even if they do not know it themselves,
just like the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence.

34 different types of discarded packs of pink paper
from across Europe were used to produce the book.

Some papers have waited decades until they found
their destination in Coppens’ book.

The book is produced entirely locally, within three kilometers of Coppens’ studio home.

It was printed by the Amsterdam printer De stencilzolder and
bound by the Amsterdam binder Boekbinderij Hennink.

This project shows that there is (visual) poetry in ennobling finches,
an embroidered tree,
a fibroid,
a lesbian seagull,
not being able to live up to your name
and trying to live under the radar in a world that is full of surveillance cameras.

That Aristotle was a Buddhist,
the African duodecimal system,
how you can sleep like a 9 and
that you can assign an exact number of pages to the characters in a book.

In addition, this book is about the different forms of love and friendship.

Friendship with non-human animals,
friendship with things,
friendship with clothes
and friendship against your better judgment.

And as if all this wasn’t enough, niet het uiterlijk voor goede vriendschappen
net als de tongen van de honden
waited ten years to find the publisher it needed.

Some more numbers:

ISBN 978-9-0834-247-05

copies: 144

pages: 233

price: € 55 (excl. shipping)

publisher: the missing O

published in Amsterdam, 2024

Now I know all this, I would like to order this book now!

Now I’ve seen all this, I want my part of the pile and I’ll order this book now!