Thank you for getting to know me, please select the part you would like to know of me in the drop down menu you can open by clicking on the arrow next to the about you just clicked on. For now this is me in eight bullet points

1. Born, raised and predominantly based in Amsterdam.
2. Partly grew up in a cult and started her own in 2014 to heal herself and others.
3. Has taught at the two Amsterdam Universities in her twenties.
4. Became an artist instead of a comedian, due to a severe concussion by falling of a horse.
5. Produced works on every continent of the world accept for Antarctica.
6. Has a generous point of view when it comes to art. This is expressed in the broad spectrum of exhibition formats and art collectives she initiated or joined.
7. Is the 3D face and body of the legendary music formation TheS lowC lock.
8. Collaborates with buildings, materials and (non-)human animals.

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