Marieke Coppens


Name: Marieke J.R. Coppens
Birth date: 29-09-1980
Birth place: Amsterdam


2010 OTIS college of Art and Design, MFA, (Los Angeles, CA)
2008- 2009 UvA, Narratives in Literature and Film.
2007- 2009 Sandberg Institute, MA, Fine Arts
2003-2007 Artless Foundation
2001-2005 UvA, M Sc. Psychology, Social Psychology, trainer
2000-2001 UvA, Propedeuse Behaviour and Community

Residencies, Spidends and etcetera:
2018 Mondriaan Fund Residency SCHUNCK*, Heerlen
2017 Longlist Prix de Rome
2016 Amsterdam Fund for The Arts, Development Budget

(solo) shows and/or performances (selection)
. SCHUNCK, Heerlen, MINE, solo show
. Healing Heptagon pop-up shop, (Healing) Heerlen
2017 . Vondelkerk, Amsterdam, Blue Creates the Open Space
2016 . Tamboer, Amsterdam, Blue Creates the Open Space, cult meetings
.KiK, Kolderveen, Nothing Whatsoever, during group show Thought Experiment
.Radio Amsterdam, Blue Creates the Open Space, performance and interview
.Media Matic Fabriek, Blue Creates the Open Space, performance
.Felix&FOAM, text, part of Wouter Venema's installation, group show/collaboration
. outLINE, Amsterdam, 24, solo show part of THIS IS A TAKEOVER, for solo show by four artsits: Cindy Moorman, Marije Vermeulen and Annegret Kellner
. FOAM and &FOAM Untitled 0: Dead Horse on Highway, video in group show
. Stilte huis, Zware Stilte. In collaboration with Wouter Venema, residency/performance
. Kunsthuis SYB, De Kolonie. Untitled: Hexagon
. De Nederlandsche Cacao Fabriek, Helmond. Vooralsnog zijn witte gaten nooit waargenomen: Installations and Performance Pre-Remains
. Wolphart, Rotterdam, PAE. Performance Art Event,
untitled 2: Horses
. CEAC, Xiamen (China), You Can Miss Things You Never Had, performance: Untitled 11: Chinese Girls
. Culture Mile, Enschede, Maison Fille presente: Table Café, commissioned by Performance Lab and SKOR.
. Kijkkasten, Amsterdam, Puking Roses For.../ Romance, solo show
. De Kattenbak, Amsterdam, Maison Fille, Juin, in collaboration with Nina Boas, Perfomance
. Consortium, Amsterdam, ‘Artless Final expo’,
Installation ‘Self Interview’
. Chiellerie, Amsterdam, Kattenbak Collective presents: itself,
Photo: ‘untitled’.
. Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, ‘We Make Art’,
Installation ‘Self Interview’
. Kattenbak, Amsterdam, Believe me I will lie, Performance
. Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, wedding horse, Performance
. Kijkkasten, Amsterdam, Eenzaam, solo show
. Kattenbak, Amsterdam, SHO-W/P 18, Performance and installation
. Kattenbak, Amsterdam, W.V.T.T.K tango, In collaboration 9th tango installation and performance
. Kattenbak, Amsterdam, 2nd Open Kattenbak, ‘I need you what do you need?’, installations and performances

Press (selection)

. Trendbeheer, Najiba Brakkee, about the Healing Heptagon Pop-up Shop
. Mister Motley, Richtje Reinsma, interviews Pavèl van Houten about Blue Creates the Open Space
. Mister Motley, Wieke Tesselink, about het Kunsttarot by De Parasiet
. Mister Motley, Richtje Reinsma reviewed 24
. Metropolis M, Sanneke Huisman, reviewed THIS IS A TAKEOVER
. Simulacrum flirt met romantiek, centrefold (pictural contribution)
. Eindhovensdagblad, recensie Vooralsnog zijn witte gaten nooit waargenomen

2013, Sanneke Huisman, outLINE is bezet
.MisterMotley, Richtje Reinsma, THIS IS A TAKEOVER|24

Publications (selection)
.The Healing Heptagon: The book
. Blue Creates the Open Space Tape, Healing Hymns
. De Parasiet #8, ‘ Het Kunsttarot, De Kaarten van Gisèle’ i.s.m. Castrum Peregrini
. Blue Creates the Open Space in total 7 riso-printed publications
. De Parasiet #8, ‘De zelfstesttest’, Hard//Hoofd
. De Parasiet #7, Kunsttarot icw Museum van Bommel van Dam?2013
. 24, Tabloid with picturesof 24 found triangles as script for and part of the installation of the performance 24

. De Parasiet #6, We'll be back, part of Behring Institute 'we car for art' campagne
. De Parasiet #5, Er is eigenlijk niets, winning poem in the Wintertuin museum Jan Cunen colaboration
. De Parasiet #4, De Parasiet is trying to come, Eddy the Eagle/ Nuit Blache
. De Parasiet #3, "Maar wie garandeert mij dat de schetsen van morgen niet vanacht nog worden vernietigd", ActieLAB, Paradiso
. De Parasiet #2, "Free Amsterdam", Mokum, a guide to Amsterdam
. De Parasiet, #1, "Het is wachten op de nieuwe wereld", VS, Sandberg Instituut
. Puking Roses For.../ Romance, photo book
. Marieke Coppens 1, photo book
. 31 students from Sandberg Institute, Alex de Vries
. Catalogue ‘We Make Art’
. Lecool Magazine, #031, Jenny D, ‘Believe me I will lie’
. Elf no. 24, May 2006 special Marieke Coppens solo-edition, ‘Diary’
. LFTFLD # 19, 2006 , ‘Behind Glass’

Relevant work experience
. Hocus Focus, with: Nina Glockner, Edwin Stolk and Giorgi Tabatadze
. Graduation show coordinator, Gerrit Rietveld Academie
2010- present
. Head Het Buro @ Public Rietveld, Gerrit Rietveld Academie
2010- present
. co-founder and editor of De Parasiet, the moving magazine, in collaboration with: Pavel van Houten, Richtje Reinsma and Dorien de Wit.

. Sandberg Institute coordinator Fine Arts and Interior Architecture
. Co-curator De Kolonie a marathon group show by former and current students of Sandberg Instituut, in collaboration with Lotje van Lieshout @ kunsthuis SYB

. Sandberg Institute, various activities like: initiator and organizer student meetings member of admission committee Fine Art Department
. Xiamen Art College, mini-workshop performance art in public space
. Xiamen Art College, workshop portrait of a city for the one minutes foundation
. De Kijkkasten, Curator
. Kattenbak Collective, co-initiator, board and curator.
. VU, teacher medical communication
. UvA, teacher professional and personal communication.